(TR0168) Transformer could not open the data source [Data source name]

Here I would like to mention some possible causes of (TR0168) Transformer could not open the data source error in TM1

If you use CAM authentication (Cognos BI) and see an additional error message:
QE-DEF-0368 Unable to decrypt user name and password credentials from the content store. Review and save the Cognos Configuration settings to configure your reporting environment.
Try to recreate the encryption files. Go to /configuration and delete the following folders there: csk, encryptkeypair, signkeypair. Restart Cognos service.

Other possible things:

  • Test the connection from Cognos BI
  • If TM1 uses Cognos package (and Cognos Package Connector), republish the package
  • Delete temp files in /temp and /data folders

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