TM1 Transaction log – ActiveX control (msmask32.ocx) could not be instantiated

Transaction log file displays the transactions recorded in Tm1s.log when a TM1 client changes a cube value.
To view it right-click the server and select Transaction log.

If you get “ActiveX control (msmask32.ocx) could not be instantiated. Reinstall or register control and try again” you need to make sure you have “msmask32.ocx” on your machine and it’s registered.
If it’s not found in:
– For Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7:
– For Windows XP:

Then download and unzip it to the folder specified above.

Then, register using the following procedure:

1. Click Start

2. Type cmd, right-click it and run as administrator

3. Type “Regsvr32.exe \msmask32.ocx” and press enter. Once the file is registered successfully, try viewing the transaction log.

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