TM1 Server does not show up in clients (Architect, Perspectives, TM1Web)

Noticed in TM1 10.2.2
If trying to connect to TM1 Server from network, it does not show up in the list of available servers.
However TM1 Server is visible in a local client.

Make the next changes in IBM Cognos Configuration where TM1 Admin Server is installed:
Support pre-TLS v1.2 clients = True
TM1 support pre TLS v1.2 SSL
Restart TM1 Admin Server

Add “SupportPreTLSv12Clients=T” parameter to Tm1s.cfg file of your TM1 Server
Save Tm1s.cfg and restart TM1 server.

Now the issue should be fixed.

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  1. 6/30/2017

    One more scenario is there.
    If we have partially saved files in the data folder, the same issue will happen.

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