Run program as administrator in Windows without credentials or consent prompt

First of all this way is not recommended to implement on machines in a corporate network, but if you just want to disable that prompt on your personal home computer where you have less security requirements and understand programs you are running, this method will work for you.

Disable prompting for consent / credentials when running programs as administrator

Click Start menu, in search start typing Local Security Policy and click it once it appears. Alternatively you ca open it in Start – All Programs – (Windows) Administrative Tools – Local Security Policy.

In Local Security Policy screen, go to Security Options > User Account Control: Behavior of the Elevation Prompt for Administrators in Admin Approval Mode. Double-click it (or use a Right click and then select Properties from the menu). To disable prompting you need to select Elevate Without Prompting option. Then click Apply and close the windows for Local Security Policy.

Running programs as administrator by default

Right-click the shortcut for your program holding Shift key. Select Properties, switch to Compatibility tab and check to Run this program as administrator at the bottom.If you want that behavior for all the users on your PC, you need to click Change settings for all users and check the same option there. Click Ok to save the changes on close properties window.

All is set now

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