Cube Security
Control cube: }CubeSecurity

Dimension Security
Control cube: }DimensionSecurity

Element Security
Control cube: }ElementSecurity_<%DimensionName%>
Default (blank) is NONE. User group should have at least READ access to see the element.

Cell Security
Control cube: }CellSecurity_<%CubeName%>
Cell security is used in general to override element security (only if a user group has other then NONE access for intersection elements).
Default (blank) is interpreted as default back to the underlying cube and element security.

Application Security
Control cube: }ApplicationSecurity
Default (blank) is READ access. To restrict access you need to assign NONE security for application entities that user group should not have access to. READ security allows access.

Process Security
Control cube: }ProcessSecurity
Default (blank) is NONE access. In order to be able to run the process user group should have at least READ access to that process

IMPORTANT: users permissions are not taken into account by the TI process they execute. That means if a non-admin user has NONE or READ access to some cube, he can still run a TI process which updates that cube. In other words, TI process is always run with ADMIN permissions.

You have to enable “Security Access” for processes updating security control cubes

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