IBM Cognos Analtyics caching data issues when reporting on PA (TM1) cubes

Using CA 11.0.10 and PA 2.0.3 I was building a CA report fetching some numeric and text data from TM1 cube,
I encountered an issue with comments (text values), when I change some comment in TM1, the CA report either still shows the old value or the comment completely disappears.
I tried to clear the query cache in Cognos Analytics ( but it didn’t help.
Then I tried to use TM1 MDX engine for Cognos queries instead if CA LOLAP (Local OLAP engine).
Cognos Analytics, when using Dynamic Query Mode to connect TM1 or PA datasources, will employ DQM’s Java MDX engine which is also known as LOLAP
LOLAP is generally faster than the MDX engine in TM1 and can perform certain calculations that the TM1 MDX engine cannot.
LOLAP allows for considerably more BI side caching. Avoiding round trips to the TM1 server allows for major reductions in user wait times during interactive analysis.

You can do it on a per cube basis:

  1. Create a string cube attribute named “IsUnderFed” using TM1 Architect
    • Log in to Architect > select a model
      Under the model > Cubes> select a cube by double clicking
    • Select Edit from the Menu
    • Select Edit cube Attributes
    • Select Edit > Add new attribute
    • Enter name > IsUnderFed (case sensitive!)
    • Select Text radio button and click ok
  2. Set the value of the attribute to ‘T’ for any cubes that require the workaround
    • In the cell (row:relevant cube, column:Isunderfed(text)), enter value T
    • Click Ok.
  3. Restart the Cognos Analytics query service

See this IBM technote for more details:

This solved my issue. But keep in mind that may cause performance issues on TM1 side

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