Here is a list of very handy software/utilities/websites making my life much easier.

Notepad++ – source code editor which supports multiple languages. You can also can find TM1 add-on for Turbo Integrator processes and Rules (syntax highlighting)

TeraCopy – faster and more reliable way to copy files, also it has some additional options: pause, resume, error recovery, etc.

Wireshark – great network analysis tool

Beyond Compare – compare files and folders, merge changes, synchronize files, including Hex Compare (byte-by-byte differences). Also you can compare: text, tables, images, registries,

FileZilla – FTP client

FastStone Capture – a powerful screen capture tool and screen video recorder. I also use it for image compression (you can re-size / decrease colors and get small file size image in a good quality)

SnagIt – screen capturing ( image or video )

OBS Studio – free screen video + audio recording. You can choose the screen area, add camera to your video

Apache Directory Studio – great tool to browse LDAPs, find groups, users info

TIHelper – adds a custom context menu to TM1 TI editor with a bunch of shortcuts for common code peaces (TI/Rule functions, dimension/subset loops, even Bedrock processes calls). Use Ctrl+Space inside TI tabs to open the menu. All the commands are specified in text files, so you can easily customize the list and add your own shortcuts.


https://trello.com/ – web / mobile cloud app / collaboration tool organizing items with boards and lists. Great for simple agile project tracking.

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